Entry Permits for Germany

Who needs a entry permit for Germany?

All commercial operators from non-EAA member states, operating charter flights to Germany require an entry permit issued by the German CAA (LBA), regardless whether it is for a single flight or for a seasonal flight programme. An entry permit has to be obtained and maintained on a regular basis. It is a highly bureaucratic and time consuming process and should only be managed by experienced professionals.

How to obtain an entry permit for Germany?

An application requires several documents that have to be submitted to the German CAA (LBA) two full working days prior to operation. Weekends and German public holidays are not considered working days! The German CAA is very strict about this regulation. For Fifth Freedom Flights a non-objection of German carriers with similar aircraft types is required. Following documents are required for to obtain an entry permit for Germany:

      • Declaration of authorized recipient (must be stamped by operator)
      • EASA TCO Approval
      • AOC with aircraft listing
      • Certificate of Registration
      • Certificate of Airworthiness (or Airworthiness Review Certificate)
      • Noise Certificate
      • Third Party Legal Liability Insurance
      • Liability Insurance covering damage to persons, baggage, cargo and damage caused by delay
      • Charter Contract
      • Schedule in UTC time and with IATA airport codes
      • Aviation Security Plan approved by the LBA


    How can we help you obtaining such an entry permit for Germany?

    Obtaining an entry permit requires profound knowledge about the bureaucratic process. At GAS German Aviation Service we have a good professional relationship with the responsible authorities and are known for the accuracy of our applications. We will assist you every step of the process, obtain your permit and act as your official recipient towards the authorities.

GAS German Aviation Service