FBO & Ground Handling Services for Airliners

Our Ground Handling Services for Airline customers

Ramp Handling & Supervision

Trust, but verify! We plan all operations in detail and to be sure that everything goes smoothly we have a ramp agent on the apron for every flight. The ramp agent is the main contact for crew and ground handling staff and coordinates loading, refueling, catering and all other services you requested to make a quick turn-around possible. After everything is done and the aircraft is ready to depart, we provide walk out and push-back assistance for a safe start-up.

Load Control / Weight and Balance

Load control is critical to the safety of your flight. Therefore, we have trained our staff accordingly so that they know how to prepare your load sheets and loading instructions for the ground staff. This not only adds to the safety of your flight, but also ensures more efficient handling.

Passenger Services

We understand that you can’t have your own staff at every airport and that’s where we step in. As your representative in the terminal, we look after your passengers before take off and after landing. Some of the services we provide in the terminal include: check-in, handling of excess baggage, boarding at the gate, rush baggage coordination, document check according to the respective regulations as well as ticket sales. If you have special requests or procedures which need to be followed, we can arrange for that. Contact us to discuss details with one of our sales representatives.

Lost & Found

Lost baggage is always frustrating for passengers and it takes well-trained staff  to handle such situations. Our staff is experienced and knows how to find your passengers’ lost baggage via the DCS. If you want us to, we can also arrange for the luggage to be delivered to the passenger’s home.

GTS German Travel Service – Travel Agency & Ticket Sales

A flight was cancelled or the crew needs transportation for proceedings? Our in-house IATA-licenced travel agency is there to help. We organise hotel rooms for all passengers and transportation from or to the airport in no time. Rental cars or flight tickets for crew proceedings are no problem as well. We have been in the business for many years and are experts when it comes to business travel. As a result, we can offer our customers special rates and conditions.

GAS German Aviation Service