For each flight, a dedicated ramp agent supervises loading and coordinates all ground processes. For last-minute requests, the ramp agent is your single contact for cargo operations. Our trained staff handles load control, weight, and balance. We generate load sheets, ensure you have all necessary documents, and print your flight briefing.

For each flight a dedicated ramp agent will supervise the loading or de-loading of your aircraft and will coordinate all other processes on the ground as well. For any last minute requests, the ramp agent is your single point of contact and will take care of all issues of your cargo operations.

We know that load control is critical and therefore train our staff regularly to ensure they have the necessary expertise to handle your weight and balance. If you want us to, we will even generate the load sheet for you.Without the right documentation you can’t take off. We will make sure you get all necessary documents to ensure smooth operation. Of course, we will also print your flight briefing for you.

Ramp Handling & Supervision

Our ramp agent takes care of the entire turnaround process and coordinates all services accordingly.

Weight and Balance & Loadcontrol

Our trained staff prepares your load sheet and loading instructions for the ground staff and hand it over.


We will make sure you get all necessary documents from us to ensure smooth operation.

Walk out & Push-Back Assistance

We ensure a safe start-up procedure and accompany the aircraft safely until it begins taxiing to the runway.

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