FBO & Ground Handling Services for Military Aircrafts

Our Services for MiIitary Flights

Ground Handling & Operations

We are well experienced in coordinating military flights and functioning as troubleshooter between airport, authorities and ground operations. We have also mastered several diplomatic major events, such as the United Nations Climate Conferences in Bonn or the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Passenger & Baggage Handling

It doesn’t matter whether you fly in with an Airbus and a lot of baggage or with a Challenger and only 3 passengers on board – we are your strong handling partner for all types of military flights.
We can also organise limousines or bus transfers, just as we do for business jets. And of course, we will make sure your luggage is taken care of as well.


Your are coming in with a C17 and heavy load on board? No problem, we will coordinate loading and delaoding as well as transportation to the military or cargo centre of your choice.

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