Germany's largest handling network

Experience top-class FBO services and customized aircraft care with GAS. From efficient refueling to comprehensive handling, we ensure your turnaround is smooth and enjoyable.

Passion. Perfection.

Service made in Germany.

Founded in 1993 by Andreas Becker, GAS German Aviation Service GmbH is now Germany’s largest FBO and handling network, maintaining our personal touch. Our passionate and skilled employees ensure first-class handling that exceeds customer expectations.

We’ll do everything we can to make your flight a success a pleasure an experience

Our Core Services.

For Business Jets.

Ground Handling & Operations

Coordinating all ground handling services, such as water service, lavatory, fuel truck, or GPU for your aircraft on time is our speciality.

FBO & Lounges

Relax and enjoy free beverages, WiFi, and TV in the cozy chairs of our lounges. They have been equipped to make your waiting time fly by.

Catering & International Press

We cooperate with local caterers to provide excellent VIP catering for your flight. We know how important in-flight catering is for our passengers and how much it adds to a successful trip.

GFS German Fuel Service.

Jet Fuel and more.

Energy / Mineral Oil Tax Exemption and Refund

Are you a commercial operator and would like to learn more about the exemption and refund of Mineral Oil Tax? Please check out our Tax page or .

Your fuel uplift at all major airports in Germany

Our fuel experts not only handle jet fuel uplifts at Frankfurt Airport but also at various other stations across Germany.


Find our German office or facility near you for personalized assistance with our wide range of high-quality products and services, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our Partners – Trusted partners help us deliver seamless, exceptional aviation services.

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