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FAS Frankfurt Aviation Service

Our services at Frankfurt EDDF / FRA

  • Our dedicated team at Frankfurt operates our own ground handling equipment, incl. fresh water and lavatory vehicles, to provide the fastest service possibe.
  • Thanks to our own fuel company GFS German Fuel Service, which is the only into-plane agent based on the sounth-side of the airport, we can be at your aircraft in less than 10 minutes.
  • We offer premium VIP service to general aviation passengers, ensuring a smooth transfer and onward journey. Our baggage handling and customs and immigration service will exceed your highest expectations.
  • Fully equipped crew lounges are located apron-side to make a quick turn-around time possible.
  • If necessary all services can be transferred to Frankfurt Egelsbach even at short notice e.g. in case of diversions.

Meeting Point / General Aviation Terminal

Meeting point for all arriving and departing passengers is the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). Please inform our OPS in advance of your arrival time to shorten control procedures. The GAT is located on the south side of the airport, next to „Cargo City Süd”. To reach the GAT from motorway A3 follow the signs „Tor 31” (Gate 31). From motorway A5 follow the signs „Tor 32” (Gate 32). From any airport phone we can be reached by dialing our internal number 20399.

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Frankfurt Airport
Building 511
60549 Frankfurt/M.

Tel. +49 69 6380 9620
Fax +49 69 6380 9625

Pilot Information

VHF 131.615
C/S Frankfurt Aviation Service