FBO & Ground Handling Services for Business Jets

Ground Handling & Operations

Coordinating all ground handling services such as water service, lavatory, fuel truck or GPU for your aircraft on time is our specialty. Transportation of passengers, crew and baggage within the airport area is of course included in our service. We even operate our own GSE like towing truck, GPU, lavatory or fresh water at some of our stations. Request handling for you next flight.

FBO & Lounges

Relax and enjoy free beverages, WiFi and TV in the cozy chairs of our lounges. They have been equipped to make your waiting time fly by. The FBOs are located either right at the General Aviation Terminal and are therefore very easy to find or in the security area from where you can see your aircraft through the lounge window.

Catering & International Press

We cooperate with local caterers to provide excellent VIP catering for your flight. We know how important in-flight catering is for your passengers and how much it adds to a successful trip. Also international newspapers are always available. Please choose from more than 2000 international newspapers which we print for you hot off the press.

Dry Cleaning & Dishes Service

Need clean dishes and textiles? We’ll wash your dishes and take your textiles to the dry cleaner’s for you.

Hotel & Transportation

Our in-house travel agency is specialized on business travel and well equipped with crew rates for hotels and rental cars all over Germany. Please send us your request, our travel agency will accommodate you.


No fuel, no flight. Let us know which fuel provider is preferred for your uplift and we coordinate its appearance upon your arrival. Also, feel free to check out our own fuel offer and profit from our daily fuel price.

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For our 10 stations throughout Germany and for our headquarters in Cologne we are constantly looking for new colleagues – full time, part time and as temps. Apply now!
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