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HAS Hamburg Aviation Service

Our services at Hamburg Airport EDDH / HAM

  • We are equipped to handle, commercial airliners, business jets, military and cargo flights alike. No matter what type of aircraft you come in on, we deliver top-notch service when coordinating ground handling and passenger services.
  • Our general aviation customers can enjoy the comfort of our VIP lounge, which is equipped with free TV, WiFi and beverages.
  • For commercial airlines we offer more than just ground handling. Our passenger service package includes: check-in, boarding at the gate and lost & found.
  • We have abundant experience in handling military and cargo aircrafts and will have one of our specialist to assist you with your flights to and from Hamburg.

Meeting Point / General Aviation Terminal

Our Hamburg FBO is very easy to find. Please just follow the signs saying “General Aviation Terminal” when approaching the airport. There are no barriers or special procedures on the way.

Airport Diagram


HAS Hamburg Aviation Service

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Airport Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel
Terminal 2
22335 Hamburg

Tel. +49 40 5075 2075
Fax +49 40 5075 2906

Pilot Information

VHF 131.615
C/S Hamburg Aviation Service