Your unique flying experience is our priority. Relax in our lounges with free drinks, WiFi, and TV. Our trained staff handles ground services, including transport of passengers, crew, and baggage. We provide our own equipment and offer first-class in-flight catering with various magazines and newspapers.

Making your personal flying experience an unique event is our top priority. Relax and enjoy free beverages, WiFi and TV in the cozy chairs of our lounges. They have been equipped to make crew and passengers waiting time as convenient as possible.

Our highly qualified and trained employees are coordinating all ground handling services for your aircraft. Transportation of passengers, crew and baggage within the airport area is of course included in our service. We even operate our own ground service equipment like towing truck, GPU, lavatory and potable water to provide you at any time with our dedicated services.

Our local VIP catering supplier provides you with first class food as we know how important in-flight catering is for your passengers and how much it can contribute to a successful flight. You can also choose from a variety of high-quality magazines and newspapers.

Catering Arrangement

Choose from a wide selection of food & drinks. Our selected service partners deliver it directly to the aircraft.

Magazines & Newspapers

We provide you with a large selection of international newspapers and magazines.

VIP Service

We take care of your valued passengers and accompany them throughout their entire stay in order to leave nothing to be desired.

Laundry, Dishes & Aircraft Cleaning

Our certified partners provide you with premium interior and exterior cleaning services. We also clean your laundry and dishes. We will deliver it cleaned and hygienically packed directly to the aircraft.

Tax Assistance

We take responsibility of correspondence with the German authorities and transmit your data on time for both German Aviation Tax & Aviation Security Charge.

Laundry, Dishes & Aircraft Cleaning

We assist you in terms of tax refund and passport control.

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