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BAS Berlin Aviation Service

Our services at Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER

  • At Berlin Schoenefeld we are a true full-service provider and offer services for airliners, business jets, cargo and military flights.
  • Services such as portable water, lavatory service, GPU and fuel are handled with our own equipment. Our in-house fuel company GFS will provide your fuel uplift at a competitive fuel price. We also have our own towing truck and follow me cars.
  • For business jets we are not only your ground handling agent, we also operate the entire General Aviation Terminal. So whatever your needs and wishes might be, we are right there to help. Read more about our services for General Aviation.
  • We offer the full package for commercial airlines as well. This includes load control, ramp handling and supervision as well as passenger services such as check-in and boarding at the gate and lost & found service. We are also there to find a quick and practical solution should a flight be cancelled. Our in-house travel agency GTS has the best hotel and transportation rates at our hand.

Meeting Point / General Aviation Terminal

Please take motorway exit 8 when you approach the airport. Then follow the signs saying “Schönefeld Info Tower / GAT” and just follow the road to its end.

Airport Diagram




Berlin Brandenburg Airport

General Aviation Terminal

Georg-Wulf-Str. 3

12529 Schönefeld


Tel. +49 30 6091 78300

Fax +49 30 6091 78305


Pilot Information

VHF 131.615
C/S Berlin Aviation Service